Activity Works integrates 12-minute exercise bursts with core curriculum for elementary classrooms. Scientifically developed, this plug-and-play program is used to maximize academic performance, combat obesity and meet state mandates for physical education.

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Core Curriculum

Activity Works contributes to student understanding of core curriculum concepts (ex: Math facts, Rainforest, World Geography, etc.) sustainability graphClick to enlarge



Students engage actively in movements During CD and DVD adventures. engagement graphClick to enlarge


Recognition of the Importance of Exercise

Compared to when we first started, students now have a better understanding of the importance of daily exercise. recognition graphClick to enlarge


Focus and Attention

After Activity Works, most students show more focus and ability to attend to instruction than prior to Activity Works. Teachers who use Activity Works more frequently see a better response from their students. A large majority of teachers who use it 4+ times per week, on average, agree with the aggressive statement that "most students show more focus..."focus on instruction graphClick to enlarge

Physical Endurance

Upon repeated usage of the Activity Works program, students show an overall higher level of endurance and greater ability to sustain activity for the entire 12 minute Activity Works segment. Almost all of the participating teachers have noticed an improvement with their students' cardio-respiratory fitness as a result of Activity Works.physical endurance graphClick to enlarge



Students are better behaved after Activity Works. A similar positive and strong usage effect is reported for overall student behavior.self-control graphClick to enlarge



Students request the same Activity Works adventures multiple times. The students enjoy repeating segments throughout the school year. Teachers report that their students enjoy mastering the content and movements contained in the various episodes.motivation graphClick to enlarge



Would you recommend Activity Works to a colleague? Positive outcomes and ease-of-use are promoting a willingness (and desire) to recommend the approach to colleagues.sustainability graphClick to enlarge


Dancing Girl
Dancing Girl

Johnson & Johnson sponsors Activity Works in schools across Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York and Houston.
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