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10 Fall Activities to Get Kids Burning Calories

September 14, 2016

As the weather gets chillier, kids are looking for more activities to do in-doors. Keeping in mind that kids should get about an hour of exercise per day, here are a few ways to keep children active. Some of them even involve help around the house!

Raking and Jumping.

Raking is probably a task your kids are not too excited about, but leaf jumping probably gets them excited. Allow them to jump in some smaller piles of leaves as you go on.

Pumpkin Races.

What child doesn’t love Halloween? Get the kids excited and active by taking your family to a pumpkin patch and set up a relay race.


Find local trails near your home and get the family out and walking in the fresh air! It’s a great time to hike because of the cooler temperatures.

Apple Picking.

A great activity, with healthy snacks. Lots of apple orchards also have playgrounds and corn mazes to keep everyone occupied.


See if you can find a place that offers geocaching near you. This is a kid friendly treasure hunt that will get your family out and walking and keep your children’s minds entertained and active.

Nature Scavenger Hunts.

A treasure hunt with a time element. This activity gets kids running from place to place.

Capture the Gourd.
Another spin of a classic game. Rather than using a flag for capture the flag, use a gourd. Each team wants to capture the other team’s hidden gourd. Spice up the game even more by theming each “jail” with Halloween decorations or let the kids dress in costumes.

Touch Football.

A great game to play in the fall. To get your children really excited to play, host a touch football game with other children in the neighborhood and have a tailgate.

Monster Mash Dance.

Pull out the costume box, Halloween decorations and fun music. Host a fun, Halloween themed dance party to build up the anticipation of Halloween!


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