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The Value of Kinesthetic Learning in the Classroom

December 19, 2012

By Mike Kuczala – Co-Author of “The Kinesthetic Classroom” Research and the media tell us that today’s children are reaching unhealthy levels of obesity. How, then, do we reduce these numbers since most of a child’s time is spent in the classroom [...]

Research: Exercise Generates New Brain Cells

December 13, 2012

By Helene M. Sisti, PhD For centuries, scientists believed that once a child completed puberty, the brain was fully developed. They believed that after this point, no new brain cells could be generated. Over the last 10 years, we have discovered that this [...]

Creating and Enforcing Wellness Policies

December 7, 2012

In a 2009 study funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, the implementation and enforcement of school wellness policies in American schools were studied in-depth. As you undoubtedly know, wellness policies were designated [...]