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New: Activity Works at Home

January 16, 2013

With so many distractions, electronic and otherwise, parents and educators must be creative when devising ways to help kids get more active. The benefits are clear, of course, from better attention, focus, and behavior to the development of healthy habits [...]

Fostering Classroom Connections via Activity Breaks

January 9, 2013

If a student can make a direct connection with an activity in the classroom, the reaction is rapid and clear. The level of engagement immediately increases and the level of enjoyment is raised in kind. This is an important consideration that must inform [...]

Making the Most of Limited Classroom Resources

January 3, 2013

Limited classroom resources are cause for concern for many schools, often creating a scenario in which teachers use their personal funds to supply their room. In fact, a recent infographic from Take Part claims that teachers spend roughly $3 billion per year [...]