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Rethinking Exercise as a Source of Immediate Rewards

July 16, 2015

Even the best of us feel like breaking our exercise routines sometimes. We may be tired from the workday, or feel like we already did sufficient physical activity that day. However, based on past experience, you may know that by choosing to stick to your [...]

Fun Ideas for Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

July 15, 2015

Summer is a much-needed break from school and opportunity to relax, but when you have kids, it may be hard to keep them occupied.  Summer can be quite boring for energetic kids with too much free time.  How can you keep them entertained, active, and out of [...]

Fourth of July Activities, Crafts and Snacks!

July 2, 2015

The 4th of July is coming up soon, and with the holiday comes a great opportunity to create some fun, patriotic activities for your kids!  For the occasion, we've put together some recommended recipes, crafts, and activities for the whole family to [...]