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Healthy, Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Snacks

January 27, 2016

Put a healthy spin on all the snacks served at Super Bowl parties with these recipes and tips that the kids are sure to love. 1.Burgers: Swap out half the meat for fiber-rich, protein-packed beans. 2. Cheese balls: Instead of fillers like butter and [...]


First Graders are Fidgeting Less Thanks to Pedaling Desks

January 20, 2016

First graders in Paramus, New Jersey describe their new pedal desk cycles as soothing and “relaxing.” One student says, “It gets me relaxed. Exercise is good for your body!” Some students are even fighting over the pedal desks because they like them [...]


Exposure to Light: Childhood Obesity Risk Factor

January 13, 2016

A new Australian study has uncovered new findings that suggest that light exposure is a determining factor in children’s weight. After following several childcare centers, researchers found that children have an increased artificial light exposure, which [...]