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Healthy Versions of Kids’ Favorite Meals

February 24, 2016

Sometimes it can be hard to get your child to eat healthy foods.  With these recipes, kids can eat their favorite meals without sacrificing nutrition.  Here are some for you to try! Crispy Chicken Fingers -12 oz. chicken breast strips -1 egg -1 [...]

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February Heart Health: Leading a Healthier Life

February 17, 2016

By: Jim Reddy, Director of Product Development at Activity Works   February is Heart Month, but it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. It’s to spread awareness of the hearts we should be focusing on – ours, our children’s and our [...]

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Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

February 10, 2016

Put a heart healthy spin on your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party this year.  These activities focus on promoting heart health, rather than just exchanging chocolates and candies. 1.Our HEART needs exercise – Play a bean-bag toss game to [...]