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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active this Summer

August 3, 2016

Keeping your child’s brain engaged outside of school can be a tough task. Here are some useful tips to help you accomplish this:

Summer Reading. Encourage your child to read a little bit everyday, start with the goal of 30 minutes per day. Many public libraries are now engaging the community in summer reading programs—contact your local library to see what they offer.

Science. Science all around us—. take a family camping or hiking trip. If you go to another part of the country or the world do some research with your kids about the difference in nature between where you’re going and where you’re from.

Games. It may actually have educational value. Games like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Guitar Hero, Xbox live games and the Wii get kids up and moving. These games engage the body and encourage mental concentration.

Cooking. This activity also engages the mind if you let them be in charge of reading the recipe, measuring and following instructions.

Art. Set up an art studio and allow your kids to get creative. Stock up on coloring and activity books, paint, beads, string and the like to let your kids express themselves and get into a creative mindset.

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