Johnson & Johnson is taking a stand against childhood obesity.

Johnson & Johnson recognizes that childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and seeks to contribute to the solution by supporting efforts to increase physical activity in our nation’s schools.
In 2012, as part of the Gateway to a Healthy CommunityTM Initiative, Johnson & Johnson launched the Healthier Kids program, which brought Activity Works to 100 schools and 1,000 classrooms across Atlanta, Houston, Newark/Orange and Philadelphia. Today, the program has also expanded into New York City and enables nearly 80,000 students in five cities to participate in daily classroom-based, physical activity breaks.
Making a long-term difference in the lives of children has always been at the core of Johnson & Johnson’s business and philanthropic legacy. Understanding that schools offer an ideal location to educate children. Johnson & Johnson’s efforts seek to increase physical activity in elementary age children and achieve meaningful results in the battle to end the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic.

Cumulative Program Data

Kinetic Learning Cardio Minutes

Total Episodes x 12 minutes x 25 students

Kinetic Learning Calories Burned

Cardio Minutes x 3.5 Calories Per Minute

Success Stories

  • Sam's Story

    Sam, a student with Autism in Philadelphia, has a breakthrough after his teacher implements a daily exercise program.

  • Ms. Pope’s Story

    A dance educator in Newark, NJ creates dance routines to enhance the breadth of the physical activity program being used at her school.

  • Italo's Story

    Italo, a deaf student in Philadelphia, and his fellow classmates thrive with a daily physical activity program that was introduced to their classroom.

  • Brandon’s Story

    A Special Education classroom in Staten Island, NY makes considerable strides after incorporating daily physical activity during therapy sessions.

  • Ms. Bligen’s Story

    A librarian in Orange, NJ helps students and teachers by integrating fun and engaging physical activity into library time.

  • David's Story

    Queens, NY Physical and Occupational Therapist team up with the classroom teacher to implement a daily physical activity program to help the students in the school that have Autism.

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Teachers were invited to complete an online survey. Of the 1,235 teacher responses, 675 teachers stated that they used the program four times per week or more, yielding the following summary data:

teacher results

1235 Responses

678 Responses > 4x per week

Data from two teacher surveys between 2013 and 2014 highlight the success of the program in Special Education classrooms. 137 responses have been recorded during that two year period.

special education results