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The Science Behind Activity Works

July 27, 2016

  When the Activity Works concept was in its infancy, research showed that the most promising approach for children to be more physically active during the school day was to integrate exercise into the classroom. At the time, Physical Education [...]


Students React to Kinesthetic Learning Tools

March 2, 2016

Using kinesthetic learning tools has many many benefits for students.  Check out these quotes from children who enjoy using them in their classroom! “If the learning tools were taken away on the Monday we got back, I feel I would not be the best student [...]


First Graders are Fidgeting Less Thanks to Pedaling Desks

January 20, 2016

First graders in Paramus, New Jersey describe their new pedal desk cycles as soothing and “relaxing.” One student says, “It gets me relaxed. Exercise is good for your body!” Some students are even fighting over the pedal desks because they like them [...]