Activity Works Gets Results.

Activity Works is an educational program that enhances core curriculum content and stimulates metabolism through multi-sensory, aerobic exercise.

Efficacy Data

As a science-based initiative, Activity Works is constantly tracking usage and correlating it with observable outcomes. Data includes over 1,000 responses to in-depth surveys, over a four year period, and unsolicited open-ended comments submitted by those who have observed student impact first hand.

Data from multiple teacher surveys between 2009 and 2014. Teachers were asked a series of survey questions that related to their direct classroom experience with Activity Works. Of the 1,550 teacher responses, 769 teachers stated that they used the program four or more times per week, yielding the following data:

teacher results

Data from multiple teacher surveys between 2009 and 2014 highlight the success of the program in Special Education classrooms. 194 responses have been recorded to date, yielding the following summary data:

teacher results