Activity Works

Activity Works is an educational program that enhances core curriculum content and stimulates metabolism through multi-sensory, aerobic exercise.

This plug and play media-based program is designed for grades 1 – 3. The first edition multi-subject kit includes 20, twelve-minute multi-sensory activity adventures supported by 40 Lesson Plans. All lessons are aligned to standards across the curriculum. Each activity segment incorporates age-appropriate exercise and movement, validated by experts for safety and effectiveness. Material covered in each Activity Works segment reinforces lessons taught by the classroom teacher while the exercises raise and lower students’ heartbeats in a healthy and effective way leaving them refreshed and ready to learn.

In addition, Activity Works’ Kinetic Protocol provides a reliable “brain break” anytime, anywhere, simply by standing and moving to the clear, engaging, active storyline.


  • Gets Kids Moving: Physical activity and physical education minutes add up during short, guided classroom adventures.
  • Improves academic performance: After burning off excess energy, students are recharged, refreshed and able to better focus on instruction, leading to greater mastery.
  • Reinforces enjoyment of fitness and healthy eating: Educational content is fun, while encouraging healthy decisions.

Activity Works is designed to take as little as 10-12 minutes, so it can fit into any time of the day when students are low on energy or focus or during transitions based upon your individual circumstances. Here are the most common, sustainable options chosen by schools:

  • First thing in the morning, to energize students after a sedentary bus or car ride
  • Upon returning from lunch, to help the children settle down and refocus
  • During indoor recess
  • Mid-morning, to transition students between language arts and math blocks
  • Mid-afternoon, to stimulate a strong finish to the day
  • As warm-up during the beginning of Physical Education period
  • At the beginning of Academic After School programming

We understand that all instructional time must be directed at achieving your state standards. So every Activity Works audio and video adventure is supported by…. not just one…. but TWO lesson plans aligned with key performance standards. One lesson supports relevant Language Arts, Cultural Arts, Social Studies, Science or Mathematics standards while the second focuses upon Physical Education standards.

Because Activity Works includes an instructional component for Physical Education as well as an activity component, time spent using Activity Works can help close a gap in required Health and Physical Education time per week.

No longer are teachers forced to choose whether students will benefit from academics or physical education. Both can be pursued efficiently – and simultaneously – within the classroom and other times of day.

“Modest obligation, with lots of opportunity”

A major advantage of Activity Works is how the Kinetic Protocol built into each adventure drives safe, moderate-to-vigorous cardiovascular activity simply by following along. Adults do not need to drive the process. Teachers do not need to create and plan special lessons nor instruct students in how or when to move. For this reason, there is a high probability of valuable cardio elevation during every activity break supported by Activity Works.

The role of faculty and staff during the activity is that of a “coach” – encouraging maximum effort and range of motion by students. We strongly encourage adults to do the activity with the class as adults benefit from it too, but that is their option. In our training, we model and encourage teachers to move behind the class, not in front, providing encouragement and affirmation as needed for maximum participation.

In addition, there are multiple opportunities for faculty and staff to get more from each break, if they choose to:

  • Use Lesson Plans to apply active movement to curriculum standards of knowledge, skills and affect,
  • Ask Physical Education leaders to instruct students in proper technique for some of the movements,
  • Send home the monthly English/Spanish Home Newsletters with ideas on how to increase activity and healthy eating;
  • Use the included calendar and stickers to increase student motivation and on-task behavior.

Activity Works has been designed to fit within the tight schedules and busy days of today’s schools.

Whatever you have, you have enough.

Good Internet Speed? Activity Works is available on a subscription basis. The episodes can be streamed directly to the classroom through a smart board or projection device.

School network? We’ll install the media on your server and you’ll enjoy a perpetual license for the building or district.

Computers, DVD Players, CD Players? Wherever you have students, Activity Works will be there, driving a fun, kinetically enhanced lesson tied to curriculum.

The Activity Works Tracker is a simple, online tool included in every license, providing independent verification of total activity time by class, area, school and district. Each user receives a login to track their activity toward individual and/or school goals. Messages can be sent through Tracker celebrating success and announcing challenges, contests and related wellness events.