Learn how to use Activity Works

Activity Works is an educational program that enhances core curriculum content and stimulates metabolism through multi-sensory, aerobic exercise.

The video above provides an overview of how Activity Works fosters academic improvement and stimulates metabolism through multisensory, aerobic exercise. Details include:

  • Origin of Activity Works
  • Objectives
  • Multi-sensory engagement
  • Activity Works’ Kinetic Protocol

Concept Check

Q: How is Activity Works able to make it extremely likely that your students will experience a moderate cardiovascular workout and cool down every time you use it?

A: Plug-and-play easy, kinetic protocol built in, validated with thousands of students, classroom friendly.

This video summarizes teacher feedback regarding focus on instruction, physical endurance, behavior and sustainability.

Concept Check

Q: How does frequency of use impact outcomes?

A: Teachers who provide Activity Works movement breaks 4 or 5 times per week see significantly better outcomes.

Each physical kit contains:

  • 10 Video episodes (also can be streamed from website)
  • 20 Audio episodes (also can be streamed from website)
  • Lesson Guide with 40 lessons
  • Motivational stickers and calendar master
  • Family flyers in English and Spanish

Concept Check

Q: How many different ways can you play an episode?

A: Three – from DVD/CD, from the Internet and from your district’s Intranet if your technology department copies them to the district server.

The short video below shows how Activity Works is more than an activity generator; it’s a tool for kinetic learning.

Notice how Ms. Harris uses the short lesson plan provided with Activity Works to develop multiplication concepts of repetition and sets. She:

  • Introduces the ideas of repetitions and sets before activity,
  • Develops those same ideas visually, auditorily and kinesthetically using the episode,
  • Reviews and reinforces the ideas through discussion after the episode.

Note how she has students recall and repeat the movements after the episode as a kinesthetic gateway to recall of the ideas. Also, note how she “coaches” students during the episode; easily being a helpful Guide on the Side.

Concept Check

Q: How does this teacher use movement to reinforce key concepts?

A: Ms. Harris has students stand and repeat movements that relate to the central ideas of repetitions and sets. By pausing between sets and calling on multiple students, she involves more students and reinforces the idea that sets are not connected to each other, although they are all part of the whole product. The power of kinesthetic experience is possible with every Activity Works episode.

Learn the most common, sustainable times of day chosen by schools.

Concept Check

Q: What are the best times for you to fit Activity Works into your day?

A: Whatever times work for you at least 4 times per week is the correct answer.

Concept Check

Q: Can you login from anywhere and use Activity Works online?

A: Yes, everything is available via one login to your personal Activity Works page. You can access that page from any computer in the world with Internet access.

Contact your Implementation Manager (details below) or contact our corporate office.

Implementation Manager Contact Information:

Atlanta & Houston
Ms. Lea Brooks

Ms. Eyesha Marable

New York City
Ms. Katie Masuch

Ms. Lori Bloch

If you’re in a city above and would like Activity Works in your school, please contact Jim Reddy.