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Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored this Summer

August 24, 2016

As summer winds down, children are gearing up to head back to class, but also feeling the end of the summer slump. Here are a few ways to keep the kids busy and looking ahead to the school year:

Set aside some time every day to have fun with your child. This could mean doing a variety of things—running through the sprinkler, healthy food shopping, cooking together, making arts and crafts or anything else you can do together.

Find the “right” amount of structure. Kids get stressed during the school year and need to time relax. It is important to find balance between relaxation and structure. Children need a schedule.

Commit to de-stressing. Children pick up the attitudes that they are surrounded by. If you’re constantly stressed, they pick up on that and tend to feel the same way. Try to be a positive energy around your children to help them stay relaxed.

Encourage your child to try something new. With all the free time that the summer provides, allow your children to try new things and experiment with play and creativity.

Try to limit technology to certain times of the day. If you limit screen time kids will find more creative ways to fill their time.

Encourage daily reading time and library visits. Reading is highly correlated with school achievement —it’s also another great way for kids to stay away from the screen.

During the final days of summer have the children help create a photo book of summer. Decide on the best photos and get their input on quotes and layout designs. It’s a great way to capture the memories!

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