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Making the Olympics a Family Affair

February 11, 2014

Watching the Olympic Games can be an enriching experience for everyone, but making them an interactive experience for the entire family can be even more rewarding. Get involved with these exciting events in the following ways:

  • Try them out yourself! Go ice-skating at your local rink, go sledding, or learn how to ski. No matter what age your children are, there is something for them to dabble in this winter season.
  • Show off your knowledge. Have each family member pick a country represented in the games. Parents, pick a country you want to learn more about, and help your child to research one that you’re more familiar with. At the end of a designated time period show off what you’ve learned. This is a great way to get your kids more in touch with the world around them while expanding your own knowledge as well.
  • Host your own games. The family can split into teams or compete individually in your very own version of the Olympic Games. Some events can include:
    1. Curling (using beanbags and a circle of tape on the floor)
    2. Luge (if it’s recently snowed and you have a sled available)
    3. Ice hockey (set up goals, use brooms as sticks and rolled-up paper as a puck)
  • Play charades. Try to mime different Olympic sports while other family members try to guess which event it is. This will teach kids all about each of the winter Olympic games.

Put your own unique spin on each of these ideas to make them work for your family.

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