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Planning for Back-To-School

August 31, 2016

Children Excercise at School

Returning to school after a summer of fun can be difficult for kids (and parents) of all ages. Summer often means less structure, later bedtimes, and of course, no homework. As the new school year creeps up here are a few tips to make the transition a little easier.

Start Early

During the last week of summer, start sending the kids to bed at their “school bedtime” and wake them up at the time they’d need to be up for school. This will work out all of the kinks ahead of time and make the first day of school a breeze.

Create a Family Calendar

To keep track of everyone’s schedules. Then, practice it. Drive to dance class or the soccer field to see how long it will take to arrive on time, and plan accordingly.

Go Shopping

Make back-to-school shopping fun. Have each child make a list of the things he or she needs for the new school year before heading to the store. Set a per-child budget and have them help find things within budget. This will make shopping easier, and allow the kids to brush up on their math skills before returning to the classroom.

Discuss the rules

Is there a particular time that the family eats dinner? Should homework be done right away, or can the kids take a break first? Remind the family about expectations ahead of time so there are no questions about the plan once school starts.