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The Science Behind Activity Works

July 27, 2016


When the Activity Works concept was in its infancy, research showed that the most promising approach for children to be more physically active during the school day was to integrate exercise into the classroom. At the time, Physical Education classes in most elementary schools was reduced to just once or twice a week, so the need to incorporate more physical activity into the school day was urgent.

We saw a need and wanted to get it right. We brought in the experts including health professionals, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, principals and teachers from across the country to help develop the program and after weeks of intense discovery sessions, Activity Works was born.

Each full-length Activity Works episode follows a Kinetic Protocol developed by medical experts where over the course of the structured 12 minutes, students’ cardio-pulmonary activity is elevated, enhancing oxygen flow, releasing of physical tension and balancing neurotransmitters in the brain. The cool down and stretch segments toward the end provide a calming influence, so students return to their classwork with increased ability to focus.

All Activity Works episodes are also aligned to standards across the curriculum and each activity segment incorporates age-appropriate exercise and movement, validated by experts for safety and effectiveness. Some of the core curriculum subjects that are covered in the episodes are: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Cultural Arts, Mathematics and Physical Education. Through these episodes, children learn about dinosaurs, art, the human body, or outer space while increasing their physical activity and stimulating brain flow.

Since its 2009 founding, Activity Works has helped more than 300,000 elementary students burn over 1 billion calories in 5 states, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic 2016-2017 school year!

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