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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Hydrated in the Summer Months

July 20, 2016

While kids can become dehydrated at any time during the year, they are especially at risk during the summer months. With higher temperatures and more physical activity comes a bigger risk for your child to fall victim to dehydration.

Signs of dehydration can include:

– Dry or sticky mouth
– Few or no tears when crying
– Eyes that look sunken into the head
– Soft spot (fontanelle) on top of baby’s head that looks sunken
– Lack of urine or wet diapers for 6 to 8 hours in an infant (or only a very small amount of dark yellow urine)
– Lack of urine for 12 hours in an older child (or only a very small amount of dark yellow urine)
– Dry, cool skin
– Fatigue or dizziness in an older child

Dehydration can be easily avoided. Make sure your child has plenty of fluids throughout the day, especially during times of physical activity or if they are sick. Replace electrolytes that can be lost with sweat by making sure they have snacks in between meals and juice or Gatorade when playing sports.