why activity works

Activity Works improves students' attention, focus, physical fitness and social harmony by getting them up and moving to the plug and play program's animated episodes which combine core curricular content and physical activity. Each full-length episode enables children to achieve an average of 1,000 steps, equating to a half mile and 50 calories burned.The scientifically-designed episodes, which include "Food on the Farm","Endangered Species of Africa", "Dinosaur Discovery", "Dance from Brazil", and many more, have been loved by over 500,000 student participants across the nation. There are one, three, six and twelve minute episodes to provide teachers with a variety of options so Activity Works can fit into any part of the school day. In sum, Activity Works works in multiple ways:

Prompts students to exercise right in their classrooms as they participate in fun and educational multisensory adventures.

Improves attention, focus and on-task behavior following the exercise experience.

Increases oxygen flow and balances brain metabolism to support maximum achievement.

Heightens listening skills and improves vocabulary.

Helps meet state mandates for physical activity.

Aids in transitioning students from one subject to the next.

Improves overall health and wellness and instills healthy habits.

An Effective, Easy-to-Use Classroom Management Tool

With Activity Works, teachers can choose from 3, 6 or 12-minutes episodes, to easily fit a refreshing brain break into any time of the school day.

Here are the most common, options used by teachers:
  • First thing in the morning, to energize students after a sedentary bus or car ride.
  • Upon returning from lunch, to help the children settle down and refocus.
  • During indoor recess.
  • Mid-morning, to transition students between language arts and math blocks.
  • Mid-afternoon, to stimulate a strong finish to the day.
  • Integrated into academic lessons based on relevant content.
  • As a warm-up during the beginning of physical education class.
  • During after-school programming.
Supports the Core Curricula and
Physical Education

We understand that instructional time is valuable and that it must be directed towards achieving state standards. Every Activity Works adventure is supported by not just one, but two lesson plans aligned with key performance standards. One lesson supports relevant Language Arts, Cultural Arts, Social Studies, Science or Mathematics standards, while the second focuses upon Physical Education standards.

Activity Works includes an instructional component for Physical Education as well as an activity component, time spent using Activity Works can help close gaps in required Health and Physical Education time per week. No longer are teachers forced to choose whether students will benefit from academics or physical education – Both can be pursued efficiently, and simultaneously, within the classroom and other times of day.

Multi-Sensory Design for Today's Classrooms

Activity Works reinforces multiple pathways to learning via auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities. This multi-sensory stimulation is further enhanced by increased oxygen to the brain's neurons through moderate aerobic exercise. In addition, students realize a feeling of well-being and improved self-image from exercise which reinforces their desire to be physically active. The engaging story-based episodes are reported by teachers to reduce stress and motivate attendance. The increased metabolism and calorie burn also helps to combat obesity.

Activity Works' Kinetic Protocol®

The strength of Activity Works resides in the science at its core. Using a proprietary Kinetic Protocol developed by medical experts, Activity Works helps children reach CDC and state exercise guidelines in short yet impactful "activity bursts" throughout the day.

The Kinetic Protocol varies intensity of cardio-pulmonary demand in accordance with medically established guidelines and understanding of safety and other factors for this age group. Original music scores establish exercise intensity and students naturally change pace to move in concert with the changing rhythm. Movements are scripted to both reinforce learning objectives and vary physical intensity in a specific manner.

Product validation testing confirms that moderate to vigorous intensity over the 12-minute duration provides significant benefit to students, and contributes toward the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended by the CDC.

Over the course of the structured 12 minutes, students' cardio-pulmonary activity is elevated, enhancing oxygen flow, releasing of physical tension and balancing of neurotransmitters in the brain. The cool-down and stretching segments provide a calming influence so students can return to their classwork with increased ability to focus — that critical prerequisite to learning new information.